DEPO and FOXTRON Forms Strategic Collaboration for MIH Alliance

DEPO Auto Parts Ind. Co., Ltd. (DEPO, TWSE:6605), the global leading automotive lamp manufacture and FOXTRON Vehicle Technologies, the subsidiary of FOXCONN Technology Co., Ltd. (FOXCONN, TWSE: 2317) signed a letter of intent and formed a strategic alliance. Officially joined HIM alliance, DEPO will reinforce HIM electric vehicle open platform by bringing in vast R&D experiences in automotive lighting. Such movement will stimulate the development of E.V. industry in Taiwan as well as aiding the industry to shorten development lead time and curb investment costs.

DEPO and FOXTRON’s alliance for intelligent car lights

Since the electric vehicle open platform "MIH Alliance" was announced on October 16, it has received  echos from many industry partners. In just two months, more than 200 companies have actively contacted or signed to join, which fully demonstrates the confidence and support toward the MIH Alliance. There are four characteristics in MIH Open Platform:  “Modularization, Flexibility, and Customization”, “Lightweight Chassis and Unibody Design”, “Electrical / Electronic Architecture (EEA) Structure”, and “Autonomous Driving Technology”

The participation of DEPO in the MIH Alliance will further deepen the technical background of the development platform. In particular, DEPO has accumulated a lot of automotive lighting technology experiences and flexible production capabilities in the field of automotive for many years. In the future, the cutting-edge technology of Foxconn in the field of information and communication will act as  a catalyst. Allowing the technical thinking in two different fields to collide with new application sparks, creating more intelligent automotive lighting products, and further strengthen the MIH alliance.

Mr. Liu, the Chairman of Foxconn and Foxtron, said: “DEPO is a leading manufacture of automotive lighting in Taiwan. DEPO has modularized its production and has the ability to reach production diversification. I believe DEPO will strengthen the overall capabilities of the MIH Alliance."

 Flexibility, Modularization, and Intelligence foster development of Taiwan's electric vehicle industry 

Ms. Hsieh, the Chairman of DEPO, said: “DEPO invests 5% of its revenue in research and development every year, so it has an innovative product line, superior tooling speed and flexible production advantages. E.V. is the trend  and DEPO has invested significantly in many years).It is a great honor for DEPO to receive the invitation from Foxtron to join the MIH Alliance. We will also uphold the spirit of openness to  contribute years of R&D knowledge in automotive lighting to HIM Alliance and Taiwan's electric vehicle industry."

Mr. Liu said, "We know that the development of the industry does not depend on a single company, but a group of industry players and a complete industrial chain. Foxtron has combined Yulon Group’s decades of vehicle development experience and Foxconn’s expertise in the integration of software and hardware in the information and communications industry to promote the MIH Electric Vehicle Open Platform, and hopes to accelerate the overall electric vehicle development."

The goal of the MIH Platform is to allow manufacturers who want to build Electric Vehicles to have more diverse supply chain options. At present, DEPO has cooperated with Foxtron  to plan the research and development and design variety of electric vehicle lights, and it is expected to create lightweight, modular, and more intelligent vehicle light products in the near future.