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DEPO has approximately 3000 employees worldwide. In Taiwan DEPO set up three plants, which are located in Lu Kang, Hsin Ying and Yong Kang. Those side locations are specified as follows.


DEPO Lu Kang Headquarters

Year established: May 1978
Total Area: 50545 m
Product: Tail Lamp, Corner Lamp, Side Lamp, and lamp accessories.

Lu Kang headquarters possesses a comprehensively operating organization and equipments, core technologies and a human resource training center. Lu Kang Headquarters comprises Main Administration Department, IT Department, the first R&D Center, Tooling Department, Plastic Injection Molding Department, Surface Treatment Department, assembly lines, Logistics Department, and TÜV certified Photometric Testing and Environment Testing Laboratories.

DEPO constantly adopts advanced technologies to enhance the manufacturing process. The automated storage/retrieval warehouse system is one of the excellent examples that are highly reliable and productive. DEPO built this system to efficiently manage the great variety of inventories, such as molds, raw material, and finished goods. This warehouse occupied 6100 m2, 22m in height, and has up to 18,000 compartments. The warehouse is one of the most modern inventory management systems in Asia.

DEPO has been benefited greatly from this system as follows:

1. Maximize storage space.
2. Minimize labor cost.
3. Reduce operating cost
4. Accelerate production throughput.
5. Classify customer’s order effectively by the built-in Infrared barcode scanner system.
6. Operation has been computerized and accuracy has been highly improved.


DEPO Yong Kang R&D Center

Yong Kang Second R&D Center

Year established: October 1987
Total Area:
5740 m

      Yong Kang Second R&D Center

Founded in October 1987, Yong Kang factory was DEPO’s R&D Center in South Taiwan, which was engaged in research and development and also assembly of headlamps and fog lamps. Yong Kang factory was reorganized in 2009. Its production lines were moved to Hsin Ying factory and it was renamed as the second R&D Center. In addition, the brand new building for the second R&D Center was completed where the whole engineering team entered in March of the same year.

Nowadays, over 200 engineers are engaged in research and development of headlamps and fog lamps in the second R&D Center, which cover a land area of 5,740 m2 and building area of 2,304 m2. Its establishment is a milestone of DEPO’s R&D history and enables DEPO to move forward. The main tasks of this R&D Center comprise product design, shape design, reverse engineering (reverse-engineering data collection and mechanical interference check), optic design (optic simulation and validation), and the product development (product test and validation) etc.  

The second R&D Center is equipped with injection machines for try out, CCD measuring machines, CCM measuring machines, articulate coordinate measuring machines, car wash tester, vibration/impact tester and lighting test etc. Adoption of these equipments enables the second R&D Center to design lighting products reaching international level.

To concern the devotion of employees and keep engineers always fit, the Chairman added a five-star entertainment area on the top floor. This entertainment area has static and dynamic facilities. The static area includes garden, reading room and BBQ area. The dynamic area contains sport facilities for billiards, table tennis and badminton. The Chairman hopes all engineers can do exercise with the whole new facilities to form a excellent design team. We believe that the second R&D Center will become the best R&D Center for automotive lighting products in South Taiwan in the foreseen future.


DEPO Hsin Ying Factory


Year established: November 1993
Total Area:
75599 m
Head lamp and Fog lamp

         Injection Building

            Shipping Dock

   Material AS/RS Warehouse

Hsin Ying factory is comprised BMC injection, plastic injection, vacuum deposition, assembly lines, logistics, and laboratory for performance and reliability testing.

In order to manage the growing demand, Hsin Ying factory was expanded in 2009 to increase its capacity. An innovation in production process has been applied to this expansion. The parts are produced in the first floor and are automatically carried to the second and third floor for surface treatment such as coating and deposition by conveyer. This innovation not only increases the production efficiency but also reduces the defects probably happening during transportation.

The warehouses for raw material and finished goods all are equipped with the well-proved ASRS system. Raw material ASRS warehouse contains 11,218 compartments and finished goods ASRS warehouse 17,152 compartments. This advanced system not only enhances efficiency but also reduce operating cost. DEPO also keeps investing in a number of advanced injection machines, sputtering machines and photometric facilities to ensure quality and production competence.



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